In partnership with John Gilbert Architects, we have developed Passivhoos - homes designed specifically for Scottish social housing providers.

Passivhoos meets the international Passivhaus Standard* and demonstrates best value for money in line with Scottish Government funding criteria.

Passivhoos helps to eliminate fuel poverty, reduces carbon emissions significantly and helps address other key poverty areas identified and targeted by the Scottish Government.

*Certified Passivhaus Standard is essential to create sustainable social housing and helps housing associations future proof their stock against upcoming legislation requirements.

"We've developed Passivhoos homes that are affordable and can be produced on a larger scale for social housing, bringing the benefits to a wider market and for those who need it most. In collaboration with Stewart & Shields, we have worked rigorously on the affordability and with our supply chain, we offer designs on a fixed budget which fall within the Scottish Government housing association benchmark." Matt Bridgestock, Director, John Gilbert Architects

Passivhoos will:

  • Provide a high level of occupant comfort
  • Be built with meticulous attention to detail, rigorous design and construction principles
  • Generally need 90% less energy for heating
  • Offer excellent insulation (300mm is normal)
  • Focus on air tightness to minimise heat loss and improved comfort
  • Offer Solar gain to provide heating
  • Use a Heat Exchange System to improve air quality and retain warmth
  • Minimise thermal bridging, to prevent cold spots and improve comfort
  • Be successfully applied across all building styles including residential, office, community centres etc.
“26% of Scottish households are in fuel poverty*. Passive Build homes eliminate fuel poverty.”

*According to Energy Action Scotland Statistics, Dec 2018
The main benefits:

  • Eliminates future retrofit costs
  • Zero fuel poverty in Passivhoos homes
  • Negligible rent arrears in Passivhoos homes
  • Greater comfort reported by residents
  • Higher and long term tenant satisfaction



Carntyne Church
Carntyne Church